Solving Pesky Problems

Four on the floor

All puppies will do it at some point. Your going to turn your back for just a minute and they will jump up and try to get up on top of tables, counters, stoves, and anywhere else they think they can get into. What is important is that as an owner you catch such behaviors and show your pet that is it unacceptable. This can be accomplished by telling them “NO” and “OFF” in a stern voice then having them “SIT”.

The other problem with jumping is in regards to jumping up on people. This can be very annoying and embarrassing. Also if you happen to have a large dog many people who are uncomfortable around dogs will panic if your dog were to jump at them. There are a couple of techniques to stop this unwanted behavior.

You will want to grab your dog’s leash and one additional helper. Go ahead and hook the dog up to its leash. Have your assistant go outside and knock then come inside. When the dog starts jumping have your friend turn around and walk away, When the dog calms down have your assistant turn around and tell the dog to sit. Using a strong tone when giving the command word. Then giving praise upon the proper behavior.

This is a behavior that must be practiced consistently everyday. . As always when working on training your pet. Make sure to find a space with little to no distraction to the animal. Remember that a young dog often has a short memory span. Having an older dog around when training your pet is also helpful. A younger dog will see what the older dog is doing and imitate him or her. Having a pet that does not jump takes patience, but in the end the reward is more than worth the effort.

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