Solving Pesky Problems

Filling the holes

Dogs love to dig. They do it for a verity of reasons. Mostly this is an instinctual behavior. Dogs will dig to find shelter, hide bones or food, because they are bored, or trying to escape an enclosed area. Most of the controllable variables are inside your pet’s environment. Identifying these areas will help prevent your backyard from looking like a war zone.

If you leave your pet outside during the day. Be sure to provide adequate shelter for the animal. If it is very hot outside your dog might try to dig a hole. This is because inside the ground it is cooler. Dogs will also try and hide their toys and or bones in the ground. Shelter can also help with this as well.

Boredom and escape are two more reasons for your pet to dig. Remember that even though your pet might run around this area becomes old to your pet. They will smell what is outside the fence and possibly seeing if it is a chain link or by looking over. Another reason for an attempted escape is procreation. Spaying or neutering your animal can solve this. A good way to prevent hole digging and escape is exercise. Checking your yard for small animals such as moles, mice, or gophers. Preventing such pests will help keep your pet from trying to chase them digging up your propetry.

Digging is one of the behaviors dogs perform naturally. Like all other behaviors that are unacceptable consistency is key. Remember a part of pet training is also pet owner training. Being consistent with your animal while giving positive reinforcement will help with training you and your pet. Remember “Patience is a virtue.” you need to work with your pet everyday.

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