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Curbing the barking habit

When a dog barks he or she is usually trying to convey something of importance to your pet. Unfortunately this behavior can be very annoying. Stopping this behavior will take a lot of control from you and your pet.

In order to curb your dogs barking habit you will need to show your pet that barking is not an acceptable way of getting attention. Often owners will train their pet to speak in order to get what they want. This exercise can lead to problems down the road. The dog will think that in order to get the attention they want. They need to vocalize themselves. Other reasons a dog will take up barking are because they are bored.

This starts when the dog is left alone for long periods of time. They will begin barking and because no one is around to curb the behavior they will continue to do so. To prevent this, make sure to exercise your dog. They need social interaction from their environment, people, and other dogs. Taking them for a walk is good practice for you as the owner as well.

While approaching other people and dogs have your pet sit. If he or she barks tell your pet in a stern voice to be quiet or hush. When your dog stops barking give them a treat and tell them how good they are. The trick here is getting the dogs attention. This technique works at home as well.

Getting your dogs attention can be done in a couple of ways. One method is to have a spray bottle around. A little spray will usually get noticed very easily. Another way is to take a bottle and fill it with rocks this makes a kind of shaker that you can use to get your pets attention. After getting your pets attention make sure to tell them your command word and have them be quiet for a short amount of time. Have this time get a little longer and longer each time you work with your pet.

Remember a part of pet training is also pet owner training. Being consistent with your animal while giving positive reinforcement will help with training you and your pet. Remember “Patience is a virtue.” you need to work with your pet everyday.

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