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Chasing Behaviors

Chasing is natural for dogs. This behavior can lead to trouble. A dog’'s chasing instinct can be triggered by a number of things. Cars, bicycles, joggers, and kids can all trigger your dog to chase. Being observant of these triggers along with some practice can help with chasing.

The best solution is having a barrier between your dog and what it is trying to chase. This protects your dog and others. A fence is always a good choice. Sometimes this is not reasonable. Another tool that you can use is a shock collar. If planing on using one be sure to not tell your pet 'NO”' when you use the collar. This way the dog can associate the shock with the behavior and not the word.

It is possible to practice controlling the behavior. In order to do this you need to get into an environment with little to no distraction to the animal. Start with your dog on its leash. Take a toy or ball and throw it. Do not let your pet chase the object instead say your command word and make your dog sit. When your dog calms down and does not want to chase the toy make sure to reward it with a lot of praise. Once your pet becomes comfortable try it again without the leash. As when any time you practice behavioral obedience. It is important that you make sure to use a stern voice so that you have your pet’s attention. This usually will allow that that is causing the misbehavior to disappear. Furthermore, ensure that you do not chase after your pet when practicing. To dogs chasing can be considered play. Chasing them will encourage the wrong behavior.

When you are in a situation where you can not keep track of all distractions, it's really best to keep your dog on its leash. This will ensure safety for your pet and the others around you.

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