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Teaching Your Dog to Roll Over

Teaching your pet to roll over is what could be considered a compound trick. If you try and teach your pet to roll over by just waving treat in front of its nose while he or she is laying down. Chances are you will get frustrated and quit or your pet will get distracted and try to wonder off.

A better practice is to break down the trick in to steps and work on them individually. As always when working on training your pet. Make sure to find a space with little to no distraction to the animal. Remember that a young dog often has a short memory span. Having an older dog around when training your pet is also helpful. A younger dog will see what the older dog is doing and imitate him or her.

The four steps to teach your dog are to lie down, play dead, back, and over. You want to work on each step individually until they are mastered one by one. Begin by teaching your pet to lay down. This is can be done by having your pet sit then showing them a treat in front of their nose. Now slowly lower the treat to the ground. While you are doing that tell your pet in a stern voice to “'LAY DOWN”'. When your pet lies down give them the treat while praising. Make sure to say your pet’s name, the command, and good boy or girl. This reaffirms the command with the action to your pet.

After getting your dog to lay down it is time to move to the next step. Begin teaching your dog to play dead by having them lay down. Next take your hand and press it against your pet’'s shoulder blade rolling it on to its side. If your pet doesn’'t seem comfortable when you do it that is ok. Make sure to be gentle and tell your pet how good he or she is. Remember to repeat the command while performing the action.

Now you can proceed with teaching your pet to roll to its back. Common phrases like “'show me your belly”' and “'get on your back”' work well. To get your pet to do this have them lay down then play dead. Now start rubbing your pet belly while doing so try and roll him or her on to their back. Repeating your command word and showing affection. After your pet shows you their belly have them roll back over. You can combine telling your pet to roll over when you do this. Afterwards make sure to give your pet lots of praise.

Teaching your pet to roll over takes some time. You have to work with your pet everyday. With time and practice you will have taught your pet how to roll over.

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