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Teaching Your Dog to Sit

Getting your canine friend to sit and behave him or herself is one of those essential skills every dog must know. Having your pet sit can be taught very early and easily. In order to teach your four-legged friend you will need patience, time, and a lot of treats. Pick out a couple of times a day and practice with your pet. Make sure to keep your practice times short. No more than 5-10 minutes at a time. Most canines when they are young have very short attention spans. “Repetition is the mother of all learning” is the motto to go by. Once you feel that you and your pet are ready have them come to you.

Take one of the treats in your hand. Show your dog the treat by raising your hand upward towards their nose. While telling him/her to “SIT” in a stern voice take your other hand and pet your dog from the head to the tail pressing down gently on its hind end until he/she sits. When you’re pet sits give them the treat and a lot of praise. Now let your dog stand back up and repeat the process each time. Make sure you use a strong stern voice so that you have your pet’s attention. Being consistent in your training will help speed up this process.

Another common practice is to tell your pet to “SIT” whenever you see him/her sitting down and giving praise. This can be started on the first day and will help your dog connect the action to the verbal command.

Apart of pet training is also pet owner training. Being consistent with your animal while giving positive reinforcement will help with training you and your pet. Remember “Patience is a virtue.” you need to work with your pet everyday. Before long you should find that your furry buddy should be sitting around the floor, house, or the couch with no problems.

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