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Teaching Your Dog to Shake

Teaching your pet to shake is usually the next trick you want to train your pet to do after sit. This trick can also be turned into a “Gimmie Five”. As with anytime you are training your dog. Make sure to find a space with little to no distraction to the animal. Remember that a young dog often has a short memory span. Having an older dog around when training your pet is also helpful. A younger dog will see what the older dog is doing and imitate him or her.

Now its time to grab some treats and your pet and start shaken hands. Begin with having your pet sit. Now hold out your hand palm up and tell your pet to “'shake”' or '“give me your paw”'. For the first few tries you are going to want to give the command, hold out your hand, then pet your dog from the shoulder to its paw. Take your dog’s paw in your hand and raise it up off of the ground. When you have your dog’'s paw in the air give your dog a treat. Make sure to say your dog’s name, the command, and good boy or girl. This reaffirms the action with the command. Make sure to practice this a couple of times each day.

After your pet learns to shake you can try to teach him or her to give you a hi-five. This time have your dog sit. Now crouch in front of your dog. Hold your hand up like you are giving a hi-five. With your other hand grab your dog's paw and bring it up to your hand. As before give praise and a treat making sure to say your pet’'s name and good boy or girl.

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