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Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

From going out to the park, beach, or maybe just in front of the television. Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to exercise your animal and have some fun at the same time. One of your dog’'s favorite things to do is chase stuff down. They like to do it so much they even chase their tails. Every time you play with your pet you can work on this.

It is important that you are consistent in your use of a command word. Make sure you use a one-word command and stick with it. This repetition of hearing a command and performing an action reinforces the training.

When starting out you will need to find a place that has few distractions for your pet. Remember that a young dog often has a short memory span. Having an older dog around when training your pet is also helpful. A younger dog will see what the older dog is doing and imitate him or her.

Once you find a good spot, have a ball or toy, and some treats. Show your pet the toy. Let them put it in their mouth. Now make them release the object and tell him or her to sit. Show your pet the toy and give the command word then throw the object. Your pet should with no problem chase down the object and start to wrestle with it. Now repeat the command word and let your pet know you have a treat. If your pet drops the toy and just wants the treat go get the object and repeat the process. Once your pet performs the trick make sure to give your pet a lot of praise. When praising your pet make sure to repeat your pets name, the command word, and good boy or girl. This reaffirms the command to your pet.

One thing to never do while teaching your pet to fetch is to chase after them. This makes your dog think that your playing a game of “'chase me”'. A common technique is to turn your back towards your pet, or show that you have lost interest in the chase. Often the pet will come chasing you down wanting you to throw the toy again.

Apart of pet training is also pet owner training. Being consistent with your animal while giving positive reinforcement will help with training you and your pet. Remember “patience is a virtue.” you need to work with your pet everyday.

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