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Potty Dog Training Outside

Potty training your dog is the first behavior your need to establish in your pet. There are a few different techniques to getting this accomplished, but regardless of the technique the most important element is you the owner. You must be aware of your pet at all times. Taking notice of its behaviors before it needs to go outside. That way you can notice when your pet needs to go outside and prevent accidents inside. Taking your dog out for potty breaks is also a great way to provide exercise as well.

This should be an easy process for both you and your pooch. The process begins as soon as your dog wakes up. This will help associate going outside with the need to potty. Through out the day make sure you have your dog give you the right signal when going outside. When you take your pet make sure it urinates and defecates so that is bladder is empty each time your pet comes back inside. After getting back inside make sure to give your pet lots of praise.

A dogÂ’'s natural instinct is to not use the restroom inside of its den. If your dog does have an accident and you catch him or her. Take your dog outside. Shouting and hitting your dog will not help. This will scare your dog and can cause potty problems in the future. When you get back inside using a solution of one part vinegar to 3 parts water will help get rid of the smell. Proper clean up is also necessary. Dogs like to go in places where it smells ok. During training be sure to only have food and water out for short periods of time. This will allow for you to keep better track of your animal. In the evening right before bed take your dog out. This helps prevent nighttime accidents.

Apart of pet training is also pet owner training. Being consistent with your animal while giving positive reinforcement will help with training you and your pet.

Dog Training

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