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Owning a dog is a real pleasure, but as a responsible owner it's your duty to ensure your pet is equipped to exist in the modern world. Dogs that bite, chase, or cause a nusiance in other ways soon attract the ire of neighbours; and rightly so. See our articles on preventing bites and preventing chasing.

But training is fun! it's not all about correcting your best friend. How about teaching her to shake paws, roll over or even perform in a dance routine!

We divided dog training into four sections that you can see in the menu on the left.

1. Dog Tricks where we write about teaching your dog how to sit, roll over, play fetch and shake paw.

2. Basic Training where you can read about basic dog training which includes potty training outside, paper potty training and crate training.

3. Solving Pesky Problems like chasing behavior, curving the barking habit, dog bite prevention, filling the holes and four on the floor.

4. Training Equipment where we describe choker collar and pinch collar. We hope you find information on this website useful and we welcome you to visit Train your dog website for dog training tips and tricks anytime.

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